Harrelson Agency Launches Spiritual Direction and Coaching Services

Rev. Merianna Neely Harrelson, Spiritual Direction Coordinator

Harrelson Agency is excited to announce a slate of new services for our church partner clients.

We’ve long been recognized as a leading provider and expert of website development and hosting services as well as social media consulting for churches across all denominations over the last decade, but we’re now expanding into Spiritual Direction and additional consulting services for congregations and pastors.

Our church partners have frequently asked us to refer consultants for everything from stewardship drives to strategic planning to leadership development to pastoral transitions and membership outreach. As a result, we’ve realized that more and more of our clients would benefit from having the ability to help those congregations with our integrated approach of intentional marketing based on Spiritual Direction. Most importantly, we’ve realized that price is a major determinant of how and if churches pursue congregational or leadership coaching. As a result, our offerings will provide the highest quality possible at rates that keep budgets in mind with full transparency.

Beginning this month, we’ll be opening up these additional Spiritual Direction and consulting services to our existing and potential clients.

My partner Merianna Neely Harrelson will be leading up these new Spiritual Direction offerings for churches and pastors while I continue to head up our marketing and website development services as well as providing congregational consulting. With her years of experience in pastoral ministry combined with her drive to form quality partnerships among groups, I have no doubt that our consulting services will help even more congregations thrive in a cultural landscape of rapid transition.

We look forward to being able to offer quality, transparent, and affordable Spiritual Direction and consulting services to our existing and future client partners!

Sam Harrelson
Founding Partner, Harrelson Agency


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