Harrelson Agency is Now Harrelson

The first domain we ever used for what became Harrelson Agency was https://harrelson.co. Today, we’re going back and Harrelson Agency and Harrelson Press are now … Harrelson.

First, It’s always been a little weird calling Harrelson Agency and “agency” because we’re so different than what that title implies and that’s increasingly the case. Harrelson Agency has gone from doing mostly “project-based” work such as website development and social media management towards much more strategic marketing consulting over the years. This evolution will be reflected in how Harrelson does its work internally and alongside clients as well as how we invoice. It’s taken me a long time to realize that expertise has concrete value and it’s time to see that reflected in our client partnerships. Going with the title Harrelson frees us up to continue to grow and expand our offerings in the strategic consulting and marketing space in that regard.

Second, Merianna is going to be heading up our “Consulting” portion including Spiritual Direction offerings for individuals, organizations, and church congregations. Our client base and their needs made it an impossibility for us to look past this opportunity, and as Merianna completes her Spiritual Direction Certification at Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary here in Columbia next year it just makes good sense. We’re very excited about this new side of Harrelson.

Third, Harrelson Press will merge with Harrelson Agency into Harrelson. We’ll still continue to take on new authors and publish books under the Harrelson monicker. What we realized over the last few years is that the press and the agency were frequently overlapping in terms of services (marketing, print publishing, copy editing, copywriting etc), so being under one organization will allow us to both streamline and focus our client partnerships and efforts in a combined fashion.

Biggest Changes:

  • Harrelson Press and Harrelson Agency will be merging into Harrelson
  • We have a fantastic new support page for our clients located here or available via email at support@harrelson.co 
  • Merianna will be heading up our consulting offerings with her certified Spiritual Direction programs
  • We’re moving from “project-based” invoicing to retainers over a set period of time based on client needs

I’m particularly excited about this new evolution of our business. When Merianna and I first decided to go this route in 2012, it was a different world for marketing consulting. Over the last six years, we’ve seen an incredible amount of change and evolution in both “online” and “offline” marketing. What remains the same through all of those changes is our commitment to client services and partnerships that make the world a little better of a place.

Have a look around our new site at https://harrelson.co and let us know if you or your organization have marketing challenges you need help tackling, are in need of consulting, or just want to know more about our services.

Sam Harrelson

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