Value of “Pre-Launch” Email Lists for Nonprofits and Churches

Pre-launch lists are fantastic if you’re selling or marketing products or physical goods. They can be helpful for design, feedback, product testing, and even colors.

However, pre-launch lists are also helpful for nonprofits and churches.


I’ve witnessed clients sourcing out sub-lists from their general email newsletter lists to be “beta testers” for upcoming events, services, committee assignments, or just general brainstorming. These lists are inherently smaller, but they can be incredibly valuable because of the much higher rates of encouraged feedback.

So don’t just wait for volunteers to raise their hand at the next meeting… start engaging with your most supportive members and relying upon their insights and views to help you plan and refine your next initiative.

Good listen here:

A pre-launch email list is more than just a marketing asset. It can also be a source of input from soon-to-be customers on how to develop the best product for them.

In this episode of Shopify Masters, you’ll learn from an entrepreneur who had a successful product launch by growing a highly engaged pre-launch email list.

Source: Building an Email List of 20k Subscribers (Without a Product to Sell)

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