Conversational Marketing Strategies

I’ve been doing lots of work with nonprofit and small business clients on “conversational marketing strategies”. What in the world is conversational marketing? I like to describe it as an automated lead generation or intake channel aimed at making use of today’s messaging technologies in a way that doesn’t come across as completely “chatbotty.”

The results so far have been impressive across the board for both our nonprofits and our small businesses. The huge advantage is that these implementations are becoming easier and easier to set up as more companies begin to offer competing services.

Of course, there are many “wrong” ways to implement conversational marketing channels into your intake flow, but if done well there’s a real upside.

Here are some compelling stats and an in-depth guide from the WP Forms folks on how to get started and some of the options out there…

– Companies automating lead management see a 10% increase in revenue after 6-9 months.

– People finish conversational forms 3.5 minutes faster on mobile.

Source: The Ultimate Guide to Conversational Marketing (+Examples)

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