Trump Campaign Looking to Alternative Social Media Platforms

This is why I always urge clients to build their presence on their own platforms (like a website or blog) before expanding out to social media platforms… politics aside, this is a good example of the importance of having your own content and publication hub rather than relying on the big social networks as your sole presence online…

The campaign is unlikely to pull advertising on Facebook, campaign officials said, since it can reach around 175 million U.S. users. The campaign has spent $19.6 million on Facebook ads so far this year. But the rebuke from the social media giant, following restrictions from Twitter Inc. and Snap Inc.’s Snapchat, has top campaign officials considering alternatives, such as moving to another, lesser known company, building their own platform or doubling down on efforts to move supporters to the campaign’s smartphone app, according to people familiar with the discussions.

Source: Trump Campaign Weighs Alternatives to Big Social Platforms – WSJ

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