Undervaluing The Click and Mobile’s Importance in Conversions

Mobile advertising is worth ten times the amount marketers think because it drives more offline sales than marketers are able to measure, according to Google’s Matt Bush. Source: Google: mobile is ten times more valuable than marketers think Part of me (the marketing consultant part) wants to jump up and down and say “YES! SEE! … Continue reading Undervaluing The Click and Mobile’s Importance in Conversions

Google Affiliate Network 3.0

“To be clear, the merchants will still handle the actual product fulfillment, although the pages will be hosted by Google. The company emphasized that it’s trying to reduce the friction in mobile purchases without interfering in the relationship between merchants and consumers. That’s why the purchase page will carry the merchant’s branding, and if the product … Continue reading Google Affiliate Network 3.0

Taking Up the Challenge

@samharrelson no, they want people who complain on Twitter but don't do a damn thing to exact change — Shawn Collins (@affiliatetip) August 12, 2013 //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js This week, MarketingTrends is turning into a group blog focused on the always fascinating space of online marketing, analytics, trends and thought development. If you’re interested in blogging regularly … Continue reading Taking Up the Challenge