Harrelson Agency is Now Harrelson

The first domain we ever used for what became Harrelson Agency was https://harrelson.co. Today, we’re going back and Harrelson Agency and Harrelson Press are now … Harrelson. First, It’s always been a little weird calling Harrelson Agency and “agency” because we’re so different than what that title implies and that’s increasingly the case. Harrelson Agency … Continue reading Harrelson Agency is Now Harrelson

Harrelson Agency Launches Spiritual Direction and Coaching Services

Harrelson Agency is excited to announce a slate of new services for our church partner clients. We’ve long been recognized as a leading provider and expert of website development and hosting services as well as social media consulting for churches across all denominations over the last decade, but we’re now expanding into Spiritual Direction and … Continue reading Harrelson Agency Launches Spiritual Direction and Coaching Services

Good advice

I recommend this whole post for people starting out in a creative venture or pursuing a lifelong passion as a vocation or for profit: Be humble, but always try to exceed expectations. When you accept an invitation to do a talk, or do a work for a commission, do something that’s a stretch, and then … Continue reading Good advice

Googling Inside Your Church

Fascinating piece on Google Maps history and possible directions… So Google likely knows what’s inside all of the buildings it has extracted. And as Google gets closer and closer to capturing every building in the world, it’s likely that Google will start highlighting / lighting up buildings related to queries and search results. This will be really cool … Continue reading Googling Inside Your Church

How should we regulate Facebook and Google’s advertising platforms?

So how does Facebook’s ad system work? Well, just like Google, it’s accessed through a self-service platform that lets you target your audiences using Facebook data. And because Facebook knows an awful lot about its users, you can target those users with astounding precision. You want women, 30–34, with two kids who live in the … Continue reading How should we regulate Facebook and Google’s advertising platforms?

Working Through Fears

Whether you’re starting your own business or non-profit or trying to make an existing one feasible as a “job,” the fear that you encounter at 4am as you do the week’s invoicing and receipts in your head can be staggering. I know, I’ve definitely been there in the low tides of “working for yourself.” Our mind … Continue reading Working Through Fears