Spiritual Direction is an invitation to journey deeper with the Holy Spirit in listening and witnessing God’s work here on earth. Are you going through a season of darkness or silence from the Divine? Are you struggling with centering yourself? Do you feel your spiritual journey lacks depth? Spiritual Direction can help!

Rev. Merianna Harrelson embarked on the journey of spiritual direction after four years of pastoring. She was looking for guidance and a freshness in her relationship with the Divine as she lived her call to pastor and preach every week. She began the Spiritual Direction Certification Program at Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary in January 2018 and will graduate from the program in June. She believes the Holy Spirit is the only true Spiritual Director. She is excited that God has called her to the work of being a Spiritual Director so that she can work more closely with individuals and groups who are longing for deeper, more authentic faith journeys.

Spiritual Direction Coaching and Consulting empowers pastoral leaders and congregations to better identify strengths, weaknesses, and future challenges.

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