Since our founding in 2012, we’ve offered internship opportunities to students seeking to learn more about marketing in a different type of atmosphere than traditional agencies. We follow a “distributed office” model, meaning that our team is spread out both geographically and chronologically. Some of us are night owls and some of us are morning people. Some of us are outdoor enthusiasts and some of us prefer our favorite gaming chair. Regardless of our preferences, lifestyle, family situations, or location we get our projects done in record time and love our client interactions.

Internships at Harrelson are typically 6-8 weeks depending on availability. Some are paid and some are non-paid depending on a couple of factors we’ll discuss with applicants. We prefer “self-starter” types who are comfortable with the notion of self-reliance but also able to work in a hurry with a distributed team when the need arises. While there are no set hours per week or timesheets, there is a high expectation of responsibility placed on all of our team members. We prefer results over hierarchy and good souls over ruthless business people. You’ll learn a great deal about client interactions, personal work ethic, team building, running a marketing agency, and your voice will matter.

Our 2019 interns will be working primarily with Sam and Merianna on all sorts of administrative, web building, social media, book publishing, and general client projects.

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